Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel…..

As the lights went up, at the end of the night, none of the hippies, bikers and punters in the Topanga Corral – a place where Charlie Manson &The Milky Way would often hang out and perform, the very place that Jim Morrison is rumoured to have written ‘Roadhouse Blues’ about -and none of the bar staff, while draining their beers and comparing the cut of their (Sears) ponchos probably noticed Doug Moon packing up his guitar, following another fiery Beefheart performance.

They couldn’t have known that half a century later,on this very day, that this moment would be being written about – on a platform called ‘the internet’ – noting and recording it as Moon’s last MB hurrah (apart from his TMR cameo)
The Magic Band’s very next performance, 11th June ’67, would coincidentally be Ry Cooder’s one and only time treading the boards with the group.
This was The Fantasy Fair & Magic Mountain Festival.
Don, ever ahead of his time, invented the art of stage diving, that day and Ry, of course, walked. The rest as they say is history. Whatever happened to Ry? Nothing much!…/ry-cooder-lifetime-achievemen…/
Doug? Here he is here, playing a blinder!

My thanks to both of them, for making the music world a far more pleasant place to wander around in.


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