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Glasgow Green

2nd August, we met Mac on a very wet Glasgow Green, missed Edwyn Collins but caught Marnie and her Wheels of Steel. Then Shields went for a sleep on a deckchair!


Johnny Glasgow, Roman Camp Hotel Callander, 19th March Act #25

One of the downsides of being such a popular blogger is being asked along to lots of freebies and fabulous events and, as I can’t be everywhere at once, I sometimes have to decline and as such disappoint. However on this night, I made an exception, I was attending the lovely Helen Marnie of Ladytron’s wedding at the Roman Camp Hotel in Callander.

While the city of Glasgow was drinking in, and enjoying, the Magner’s Comedy Festival, we were treated to an impromptu performance by an erstwhile Harpenden stand up legend, Johnny Glasgow, trying out new material on some hicks from the sticks.
The truncated set varied in style from existentialist, proto-Ben Elton stuff to what can only be described as ’Chic Murray post bells’. At his best, Mr Glasgow is certainly biting at the ankles of Tim Vine (I went to my door to be confronted by a man with black paintbrush in hand “ Go away and never darken my doorstep again!”) but occasionally lapsed with poorer Tommy Cooper style material (Man came to my door and asked do you want a window cleaner? No, I want all my windows cleaner!) However he got a rousing reception from the audience which also saw me trotting over to shake his hand to congratulate him at the conclusion.

Wedding invitation reply

Dear Ed & Elissa,
Thank you for your kind invitation to Helen & Nic’s big day on March 19th. We shall be there, on the evening in question, wearing our finest dancing clothes and shiniest drinking shoes. When I say ‘we’, I can only, at present, confirm for the three occupants of our humble Old Kilpatrick abode and Luisaidh (currently in France). Pedantically, I noticed that the invitation was extended to ‘The Davidsons’ and as such have asked the Clan Chief to post it on Davidsons Worldwide Dotcom – a website that I didn’t actually realise was quite so popular.
Already many thousands of Johnny Foreigner Davidsons have written to me asking me somewhat personal details regarding the dress-code, what the normal weather is like in March and can they bring their livestock.
Once I’ve advised them all on best midge repellents and cheapest local Thermos stockists, I hopefully should have a clearer idea of numbers .
The end of the month will be a very tight deadline but I’ll try my damnedest!
Should be an interesting evening.
Tom D
Your text suggests it may well be a busy affair, so in order that you recognise us, in the crowd, I shall bring my usual banner (see pic of me at Dalmuir Park’s ‘The Gethering 2010’ shenanigans below)