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Mummy, what’s a Funkadelic?, Friday 18th April – ABC, Glasgow

Mummy, what’s a Funkadelic?, Friday 18th April – ABC, Glasgow


No support and a twenty six strong P-Funkestra featuring Bernie Worrell. That’s what the tickets/posters promised.
We dine early in The Griffin where a surprising number of Parliament teeshirts are already being sported, then repair to the venue

Half an hour late and through an air of expectancy that you could almost taste, they shuffled on. I’ve waited forty years to see this act.
No guitar techs or hard moulded flight-cases for the Funkadelic * guitarists. No, instead it was camouflage jackets, and fatigues, with their instruments in black nylon ‘over-both-shoulders’ back packs. Dreadlocks were de rigeur. A fluorescent orange plastic chair, like that you’d see in many a works canteen, was brought on and placed immediately in front of the drum riser. This would be George’s throne when he wasn’t singing, mopping up the adulation or mugging to the crowd.
Having finally tuned up, a small 8-piece strong group opened with Cosmic Slop and slid seamlessly into Flashlight. They never reached anything near the twenty six we wuz promised. At most I counted fourteen and Bernie’s keyboards sat unused at the front of the stage the whole evening, he failed to show!
Maggotbrain was, as expected, devastating and the guitarist looked absolutely exhausted following its conclusion.Eddie Hazel would be proud!
Later in the set they actually played Testify for, apparently, the first time in twenty five years. Uncle George is now off the fairydust, PCP, crack and whatever else he was ingesting for the last few decades and it certainly shows.He’s loving the show and the adulation.
Gig of the year so far and this was without Worrel. How I’d love to have seen ‘The Mothership’ with Bootsy et al, in its heyday!

My only regret is they didn’t play The Silent Boatman.


  • In the early eighties I went in to Wee Bloggs (because it was Saturday and I went there at least three times a week) One day (I recall Talking Heads Remain In Light being the new window display however I might be wrong) I asked the assistant if they had any Funkadelic. He sneered, then remarked that he had “never heard of Funky Derek and, as such, ‘he’ couldn’t be any good”. My anger at his rudeness and wanting to pull him over the counter was neutralised by my amusement  that this self-opinionated knob was actually dead serious.
    He went on to manage Wet Wet Wet very shortly after that, quite what that says about the music industry I’m not quite sure……………

Vintage Trouble, ABC, 4th August, Act #39

A strange gig! A one album band stretching their set out to two full hours with no covers (apart from the final, final encore)

Firstly the Vintage DJ set that opened tonight, rather than have a support band ,was a great idea and also highlighted how shite the normal pre-gig music can be and also the manner that it’s presented, namely inaudible and/or muffled.

The gig itself had been moved up from the tiny ABC2 and I worried that the larger hall, with presumably a less than capacity crowd, would dilute the atmosphere. Wrong! The hall was as busy as I’ve seen it, with a demographic running from fat aunties, through Furry Freak Brother Clones to punks wearing mohawks!

A family affair, we (Shields, Rhurscach and me) are joined tonight  by Tote just returned from a year’s exile in Lille. Brother Artie is running late, assuming that there is a support band to avoid. We arrange, by text, to meet him under the largest glitterball in Europe. It is while looking up at this enormo-beast, when he arrives, that I realise our entire dynasty could vanish in a trice, if that wee cord snapped, as all male members of the family are now rubbing shoulders.

Vintage Trouble! I’ve never seen anyone sweat as much as this band, and I include Elvis Costello in that statement.

The back line looked absolutely tiny on the big ABC stage and they’ve obviously practiced a lot in front of mirrors, as the whole evening was incredibly choreographed.

Age wise, they’re not in the first flush of youth and look as if they’s been round the block a few times

The bass player actually looked like Ronnie Wood badly disguised as Hen Broon!

I feel singer Ty Taylor has still to find his own style, there’s a lot going on in there;Wilson Pickett, Otis, James Brown, Arthur Connelly and Paul Rodgers which obviously makes him a black man sounding like a white man trying to sound like a black man, doh!

But they’re actually good, even if they stretch every tune out for far too long and we have to endure the ‘clapalong, singalong, I sing this and you sing that’ sorta thing.

One of these bands who will either go ‘mega’ or sink without trace!

Ty Taylor gives the Duracell Bunny a run for it’s money!

The Hold Steady, ABC, Feb9th, Acts 21&22

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Wintersleep are loud. Quite definitely the loudest band I’ve heard this year.They’ve just come from the States, whereas we’d just come from The State. When I say we, it’s a family affair -as Sly once sang, as tonight my listening chums are Rhurshach and my brother Artie.

Sartorially light years beyond the rest of the ABC congregation, as always, I’m aghast at the sheer numbers of baseball/truckers caps, plaid shirts and beards (not to mention the dearth of female punters). Wintersleep remind me immediately of Ian McCulloch singing REM, in a good way. Lumme, they’re popular with the truckers, too!

The last tune was a very long ‘un, it sounded like Mogwai attempting Krautrock and, as such, was sufficient to make me go looking for the album, the next day. LOUD.

The Hold Steady
Jerry Lewis after ingesting too many e numbers springs to mind. By recently replacing their piano player, with a third guitar  they’ve made the sound more than a little muddy. Very few bands can ‘do’ three guitars justice, I can think of only one. Lots of folk reckon they, THS, sound like Springsteen, which I can hear, but for me, too many songs sounded just like Phil Lynott singing the verses of The Boys are Back In Town.

Lemme see your fingers!

Justin Currie, ABC1 January 21st (act #04)

I started tonight off in The Station Bar with Big Chris and his Wee Bro, Nick, then hurtled West to the ABC to liaise with the Designated Driver.

Justin and I go way back, almost thirty years back, to when I actually went along to Café Warzika, four Mondays on the trot, in order to qualify for a free Del Amitri single. In those days they, Del Amitri that is, used to ‘come on stage’ to a tape of ‘I Have A Dream’ (that would be MLK, of course, not ABBA). Since then I’ve seen him many, many times.

Tonight Dr King’s golden tones were missing, replaced by Paul Weller’s ’No Tears to Cry’, and if the truth be known there was something else seriously missing and quite flat about the whole event. Nothing like the majestic austerity of The Fruitmarket gig of 2007.

A reworked ‘Last to Know’ was impressive, however I felt that, during the whole evening, there was a feeling of merely going through the motions. I’m sure JC is so familiar with some of these songs he could sing them in his sleep (and on a couple of occasions tonight, he may well have been for all I know!) It didn’t help me being surrounded by a crowd of singalongs who would be best described as “Desperate Housewives” had it been set in ‘River City’

More recently, regarded as one who generally aspires towards sartorial elegance, Justin, tonight, was quite clearly wearing someone else’s trousers and/or had recently narrowly escaped a house fire!

Nick Clark, a bass colossus as usual, had, rather strangely, decided to come on stage looking like Alfie Moon disguised as Bob Dylan

I felt sorry for  guitarist Stuart Nesbit as he had clearly misread ‘Celtic Connections’ as ‘The World Gurning Championships’. I was also intrigued that he played solos that had little resemblance to, or were even on nodding terms with, the tunes they were imbedded in. On many occasions I enjoy and applaud such mavericks, however this was simply mince! If Alan Hansen played guitar I’m fairly certain it would sound remarkably like this.
Home, James!

Justin in  more rivetting times!