The Hold Steady, ABC, Feb9th, Acts 21&22

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Wintersleep are loud. Quite definitely the loudest band I’ve heard this year.They’ve just come from the States, whereas we’d just come from The State. When I say we, it’s a family affair -as Sly once sang, as tonight my listening chums are Rhurshach and my brother Artie.

Sartorially light years beyond the rest of the ABC congregation, as always, I’m aghast at the sheer numbers of baseball/truckers caps, plaid shirts and beards (not to mention the dearth of female punters). Wintersleep remind me immediately of Ian McCulloch singing REM, in a good way. Lumme, they’re popular with the truckers, too!

The last tune was a very long ‘un, it sounded like Mogwai attempting Krautrock and, as such, was sufficient to make me go looking for the album, the next day. LOUD.

The Hold Steady
Jerry Lewis after ingesting too many e numbers springs to mind. By recently replacing their piano player, with a third guitar  they’ve made the sound more than a little muddy. Very few bands can ‘do’ three guitars justice, I can think of only one. Lots of folk reckon they, THS, sound like Springsteen, which I can hear, but for me, too many songs sounded just like Phil Lynott singing the verses of The Boys are Back In Town.

Lemme see your fingers!


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