Come in Number 51, Your Time is Up! Saucerful of Secrets, Glasgow

Beware performers who say “Are you ready for some rock and roll?”

The term ‘Curate’s Egg’ was surely invented for events like this? Good in parts, with other areas highly dubious and lumpen in extremis.

At one point, mid gig, during The Nile Song, the singer appropriated a line from Sex Pistol’s ‘Holiday in The Sun’- and at that very same moment John Lydon’s infamous quote “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” flashed across my synapses

It must have seemed a wheeze when the notion of this band was hatched and, I dare say, The Dingwalls and Half Moon shows would have been a spectacle to witness and behold. But I don’t think this is really sit down  ‘Arena’ fodder, to be honest. It’s merely an expensive covers band….and they seem nice guys so I hope/guess they’d be the first to agree
The sound was crystal clear throughout, the lights however, somewhat disappointing,  not really a ‘production’ that one might expect from the PF stable. I was surprised at how rough and under rehearsed they were for being so far into a tour (twenty odd gigs?).
More clams than a whelk stall at the Barras…
It started off really well with one of the guitarists smearing the melody of The Embryo over the riff of Interstellar Overdrive and as ever Astronomy Domine never fails to excite. However, I generally found the subsequent post Saucerful tunes a bit hit and miss.

Basically,  I really enjoyed the Syd material – although See Emily Play was dispatched with all the panache of a wedding band sensing the interval approaching and seeing their lagers sitting ready at the bar – but not the later  ‘post Saucerful’ selections.
Obscured By Clouds was executed flawlessly but remains as pointless and meandering as it is on disc.
Ironically,  the eponymous Saucerful of Secrets was performed with almost Ramones like fervour and haste, and as a result suffered from being far too fast and short, Gary Kemp then performed the coup de grâce with a guitar solo that was far more Purple Rain than Pink Floyd.

Elsewhere, the focus group that signed off on the If/Atom Heart Mother medley should be hunted down and chased through the streets. It was an abomination and did a great disservice to the material in question.

So, I’ve ticked that box, won’t be back!

Six out of ten


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