Wedding invitation reply

Dear Ed & Elissa,
Thank you for your kind invitation to Helen & Nic’s big day on March 19th. We shall be there, on the evening in question, wearing our finest dancing clothes and shiniest drinking shoes. When I say ‘we’, I can only, at present, confirm for the three occupants of our humble Old Kilpatrick abode and Luisaidh (currently in France). Pedantically, I noticed that the invitation was extended to ‘The Davidsons’ and as such have asked the Clan Chief to post it on Davidsons Worldwide Dotcom – a website that I didn’t actually realise was quite so popular.
Already many thousands of Johnny Foreigner Davidsons have written to me asking me somewhat personal details regarding the dress-code, what the normal weather is like in March and can they bring their livestock.
Once I’ve advised them all on best midge repellents and cheapest local Thermos stockists, I hopefully should have a clearer idea of numbers .
The end of the month will be a very tight deadline but I’ll try my damnedest!
Should be an interesting evening.
Tom D
Your text suggests it may well be a busy affair, so in order that you recognise us, in the crowd, I shall bring my usual banner (see pic of me at Dalmuir Park’s ‘The Gethering 2010’ shenanigans below)



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