And everything is green and submarine!

Forty six years ago today, in 1971, I went to my first Crystal Palace Garden Party to see the Floyd. Travelled down from Glasgow on the overnight bus (couldn’t afford trains). If you look carefully you might see me. South Sea Bubble jacket, grandad vest and loon pants with flares the same size as my waist!
Wasn’t too popular with my family, as my mother was going in to hospital for surgery that day, while inconsiderate old, or rather should I say young, me buggered off to London to see ‘some pop groups’.

This was the gig where they debuted ‘Echoes’, although on the day it was titled Return of The Son of Nothing, -this being immediately after opening with ‘Atom Heart Mother’. So, I guess, before they started their third song, they must have been onstage for about three quarters of an hour 🙂
As the set progressed, a giant octopus – a portent of their later infatuation with inflatable animals – emerged from the dry-ice covered boating lake, immediately in front of the stage


Got my photo taken with a gentle spoken Dave Gilmour ,when he came out front to watch Faces but that snap’s sadly vanished into the mists of time
Great stuff!
So great that I went to see them, the Floyd, three nights later in Stirling University. Ron Geesin in support slot.



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