Pink Floyd at Earls Court, 1973

magpie second presenter

What a weekend! Arrive in Lewisham early Friday night, stand next to the cast of ‘Magpie’ in the local, The Three Tuns. Back to our digs for the night.
I’d met Mitch the previous summer while camping in the Lake District (although a Lewisham lad, his ancestry was Largs). The room we were given belonged to someone who had gone away for the weekend. They must have been incredibly trusting, or stupid, as they had left out several handmade gold lapel brooches, in various stages of completion, that they were making for Bowie’s Management ‘Mainman’.


Off to Wembley the following afternoon to see England v Scotland  (Hunter, Hay, Jardine, Holton, Morgan, Bremner, Macari, Lorimer, Johnstone, Dalglish then Jordan and Stein replaced Macari and Lorimer). We got beat one nil 😦 !

Then as if that wasn’t enough off to Earls Court to see the Floyd performing Dark Side of the Moon which had only been in the shops for a few weeks. Old hat now but this was the first time the circular screen, the plane exploding into the stage and quadrophonia on that scale had been encountered.
My fourth and final encounter with my favourite line up of that band!

Amazingly this was cutting edge technology, then.



Pink Floyd, Earls Court, 1973

Pink Floyd, Earls Court, 1973

7707272320_2c980cda1e_b 1973-Pink-Floyd-Earls-Court-7000W-System-1
Those shiny bits at the top of the PA were giant concave mirrors. slowly rotating lights inside send out huge lighthouse-like beams of sodium yellow hues!


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