Desert Island Discs

Chums,When I have a rare spare moment, one of my favourite websites to mull and ponder over is Desert Island Discs and exactly what celebrities would take along with them.

Imagine having the discipline to boil your favourites down to a ‘top eight’!
I’d have trouble trimming mine back to a top eighty!!! Don’t think I could last too long with those Desert Island Dicks, Jeremy Clarkson or even worse Gordon Ramsay. Check those choices out. How can a man with a supposedly sophisticated palette have such shockingly banal taste in music? There’s not one of the foul-mouthed ex-Range’ tunes that would ever trouble the Davidson Dansette. While not quite reaching the depths of Worrell-Thompson, Harriott or Nairn, Ramsay has now suddenly dropped below Oliver, Stein and Rhodes in my Top Ten TV Chefs (said list being a well thumbed and constantly amended annex of The Big Row Book)
Have to dash now, a speed-boating Satan has appeared back on the horizon and I am once again reminded to stand, on my hands, elbow deep in shite. ‘Tea Break’s over, lads!’
Yours, permanently trapped in that purgatory of punchlines from old jokes,
Roy Plomley

p.s Of course it’s taken for granted, anyone wishing to share their fantasy DIDs (snigger) with me, are more than welcome.


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