Coronation Street

On a COMPLETELY different note, due to a visiting mother-in law, I was exposed to half an episode of Coronation Street last night. The reason I mention it was the shock at how dire this peak hour programme actually is. This is quite honestly the first time I’ve seen this since the very early seventies when I lived in Parkhall. It may well have still been monochrome with Ena holding court in the snug, persecuting Minnie at very opportunity.
Normally the sight of that brick wall and the accompanying trumpet theme tune has me channel hopping before you can see the wee cat on the roof .I swear my jaw dropped, I’ve never seen such shite in ma puff.
It was like the wee play you used to get at the end of Crackerjack, only without Peter Glaze singing a Top Ten song in the pub style. The dialogue was indeed inspired
‘Woah, this bank bill, look at it.They’re charging me like a wounded bull!’
‘Him? He’s so smooth, a snake with an ice-pick couldn’t climb up him
Clearly the writer must obviously be a zoophile on drugs.
Absolutely appalling, bring back Albert Tatlock, I say.
Bring back The Skids, Bring back, oh bring back.
Bring back my bonnie to me!


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