Dundee Tourist Office,

Dear Sir,

I visited your city for the first time in many years on Saturday and was initially impressed at the extensive environmental cosmetic changes that have been undertaken, upon the riverside, since my last visit. The good impressions however did not last too long. This was a day trip to enjoy the many acts scheduled to appear at the Blues Bonanza 11+, three day event.

Unfortunately the experience of the fine music was considerably marred by the seemingly ‘head in the sand’ intransigence of many of your bars and restaurants and their staff. I lost count, but it was in double figures, of the number of chefs who had ‘just finished’ work. Turkish, Italian, Scots this lethargy knows no international boundary.

I should point out, at this point, that this quest was not at midnight or after closing time. No, this was at the ungodly hour of two o’clock on a Saturday afternoon. Do Dundee businesses do so well that they can turn away so many potential customers?
All this while the City of Discovery is festooned with posters boasting 135 acts in 32 venues.

All in all, I had a good day in Dundee despite all the above, however it will be long, long time before I shall be tempted to return


Rupert Cocking


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