Are You Glad ?

Flashback ten years – April 27th 2006
Was off at The Tramway last night. Nice venue!

Grant Campbell was surprisingly popular despite sounding more North Dakota than North Drumry. Dunno much about him, considering he’s a fellow Bankie. Best just to say the opening spot was the correct one.

James Blood Ulmer however was everything I expected. A spectacular vocal drone at the start of the show –  I later decided was unintentional and an asthmatic side effect of his own making- led into some absolutely wunnerful blues. Waited a long long time to see this guy (The Cat may remember me enthusing, about his “Are You Glad To Be In America?”, endlessly,  in Spain – back in ’84) and he didn’t disappoint at all. Singing style not unlike John Lee Hooker and a guitar style that would see him hold his own in any incarnation of The Magic Band (that’s a big plus, in case you were puzzled). My friendly neighbourhood bootlegger advised me at the break that he got all 58mins on minidisc and this will be heading my way pronto.

Odetta was a hectoring ol’ crone who only ventured away from the Bessie Smith/Huddie Ledbetter songbook long enough to do a Mrs Miller style job on a Labi Siffre dirge. Musical Mogadon

Safe bet to say that we shall never share the same roof again.

Hey Ho!


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