Pineapple Thief, Classic Grand March 21st, Acts 26 &27

Pineapple Thief, Classic Grand March 21st, Acts 26 &27

Just a run of the mill gig, for me. Spanner’s a fan, so I went along with him. Support band, Second Skin, seemed determined to cram four or five ideas into every tune and have every footpedal in their array switched up to 11. After their set, they stood right next to us at the bar and blethered incessantly through the PT set. Had Billy Bones been here, I’m quite sure he would have had words with them, however he wasn’t and as they were quite large with many tattoos, I just tuned them out!

I’ve had Pineapple Thief described to me as sounding like Porcupine Tree’s wee brothers and that’s not too far off the mark. Prog Rock? Too much Rock and not enough Prog for these ageing ears. Last night of the tour and no goodies left on the merch stall for Spanner to buy. The Classic Grand’s a fine wee venue.


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