Wilko Johnson, ABC2, 16th September Act #43

Bill and I met up in The State to liaise with Ronaldo and The Sad Boys (no Lilibet) who are ostensibly there to see Ian Segal. The beer is going down a treat ,so the Vale Tag Team decide to stay for one more while Ayrshire’s finest run off to the gig. One pint later, we turn up and Segal has been and gone (they can run a tight schedule in the ABC when they have a mind to!). In no time at all Wilko leads his rhythm section onstage and the trio play everything you would want them to. The sound takes about three songs to sort itself but even then I was wishing it could be turned up a notch or two.The contrast in attendance between tonight and ‘Skip’ the night before is astonishing, the ABC2 is as full as I’ve seen it.

Ex-Blockhead Norman on bass played a blinder even though after twenty minutes he looked like Chitty Chitty’s The Childcatcher after an allnighter in a sauna. Biggest disappointment was the encore, Chuck Berry’s ‘Bye Bye Johnny’, went on for about three times as long as it should have. While I assume he really must regret the first time he used his telecaster as a machine gun, the crowd hoots howls of delight every time he does.

A fun night of rhythm ‘n’ booze. I’d go back!

 Can’t the author tell the difference between a tele and a strat?

Can’t the author tell the difference between a tele and a strat?


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