Psychedelic Halloween, Mono, 31st October Acts 46-48

Long, long ago when passing JD Wilson’s, or the Trianon, the careful audient could experience the pre-karaoke generation practicing the martial art known as pub-singing.

Patrick Campbell Lyons on this form tonight, would have been a legend, if these type of venues were still plying their wares.

Looking not unlike Father Jack, and indeed talking like an escapee from ‘Ted’, when singing he managed to sound like Tom Waits attempting non-consensual intercourse with a crate of feral cats.The really sad thing about it all is that I’m not sure Patrick realises he can no longer quite ‘do the business’ and someone really ought to take him to one side and tell him. A backing band of Hidden Masters, Trembling Bells and Bangtwisters provided impressive stabs at Pentecost Hotel and Rainbow Chaser but were let downby PCL going for notes that were just never going to happen. The night however was enlivened by me being asked to join a table of ex Listen employees.


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