Seafood Temple Booking (failed)

Good evening once again Seafood Templars,

Recognising your failure to acknowledge my request, below, and with some important guests to entertain, I can wait no longer upon a response. Perhaps I should have called but I consider booking tables by telephone as quite vulgar!

Please cancel all, if there are indeed any, preparations for my arrival at your establishment. Remove any wines, you have put aside for me, from your chills. No,I shall instead be making do with a pizza supper and some fizzy drinks in the first empty bus shelter we find and shall keep any rain showers at bay with a testudo fashioned from several copies of that day’s The Sunday Post.

Yours, a very disappointed
Rupert Cocking


Good evening Seafood Templars,

I wonder if it would be possible to book a table for four people, lunchtime, Sunday August 26th?

While I would have hoped to arrive there, in style, and be with you for high noon, I’m afraid that keeping such an appointment would be quite unlikely if not impossible.
I had intended to drive.
Instead, with one eye on your wine list and the other on Scotland’s  drink driving laws, my three colleagues and I have opted to descend upon Oban by means of train.
The Scotrail website advises me that, landslips permitting and with a good tailwind, we should perhaps expect our Class 156 Super Sprinter to nudge the buffers at 12:06.

You, being local, will be far better versed than myself on the likelihood of such a scenario being achievable or not. I’ve heard it said that the Mandarins in charge of the West Highland Line can sometimes be slightly economical with the truth, when it come to describing the precise welfare of their network and rolling stock.
However, I digress, having then alighted from said train, we shall set off Temple-wards at a wholesome gallop, keeping Kerrera always to our right hand side.

That lengthy preamble, above, has now allowed me to calculate ,not to mention explain why, that 12:30 may be a far more reasonable time to propose for said booking.

I look forward to your response and trust you can accommodate my request.


Rupert Cocking


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