How can you have any pudding if you dont eat your meat?


The last time Roger Waters and myself were under the same roof, as far as I know, was over forty years ago. It was Earls Court and DSOTM was only a few weeks old.

Tonight, well actually there is no roof, and there’s nothing between me and The Plough which is clearly visible and twinkling in the dusk above the floodlit Wembley Arch.

Roger and his band are here to perform The Wall, for Shields and me.
The Wall is quite easily my least favourite Pink Floyd album, a fact that when voiced often raises the eyebrows of more rockist chums who most probably file it next to Brothers in Arms, Rumours or anything by Queen.

However I notice that the posters advertise this as Roger Water’s ‘The Wall’ and as such it has become a far more anti-war, political, beast than it ever was on vinyl. The songs haven’t changed (except for the addition of Ballad of Jean Charles de Menezes) it’s how they’re presented, or represented, onstage that hammers this message home.

First of all, the stadium appears to be fairly rammed full despite the touts outside holding wads of tickets “ yours-for-only-a-tennah!”
The picture above was taken on our entry about an hour before showtime. We had standing pitch tickets and I was surprised at the amount of Scots accents all around us. Mind you the last time, I was down here on this pitch, there were even more of us.


However I digress…the scale of the whole spectacle/event is difficult to describe but the band visually were completely insignificant and The Wall is the star. It’s genuinely one of those “You had to be there moments”
Look below the lens of the CCTV and you might just see a guitarist.


Giant puppets, floating pigs, a stukka flying the length of Wembley, 360 degree sound effects and THAT guitar solo from Comfortably Numb all enhanced by far and away the best concert sound I’ve heard bar none! I’ve since read that the sound is all live and analogue unlike more modern ‘rock’ bands who can demand a different digital kick drum sound for each song.


He’s come on a wee bit since the first time I ever saw him, 1970 in The Electric Garden!
I would say go along and see it but the tour’s now finished.


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