Donald’s Toast

Brothers and Sisters,






For an occasion such as this, gathered here to salute our brother Tam – I ask you.

Who is this man?

I’ll tell you what he should be. The United Nations Cultural Ambassador for Old Kilpatrick, Duntocher, Clydebank & Yoker!

This is the man who, just as you’re about to order your third pint…..drags you out of the pub to go visit an Art Installation…or a 24 hour long film about clocks.

If he was taking your tooth out, he’s give you a kinaesthetic.

he’s discovered two tourist attractions in Clydebank.

This is the man who leads you by the banks of the Clyde at Yoker in search of an Easter island statue……..and you find it!

And the man who hires the Google Street car to take your photie when you walk from Renfrew to Govan.Tam’s the man who tracked down Englebert Humperdink to his secret hideout in Linthouse. That same day, I stood with Tam, and ither Tam, by the river at Govan, wondering how we could cross… and Tam found a wormhole in the Space/Time Continuum that did the job.

Tam’s the man – He’s the beer and Sausage maestro and DJ Extraordinaire….He’s the man with the plan. raise your glasses, please.

I give you                                                                                  Tam!


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