Rucksacks, December 2014

1908161_10203573881610823_5012680250838922211_n An extremely humbling experience where I took part in processing pre-filled rucksacks for the homeless. 10367724_10203573944812403_1828179643236957868_n150739_10203573939532271_2182462556696560441_n Glasgow put the rest of the UK to shame. On the day, in the space of only seven hours, we manhandled an incredible eight thousand rucksacks 1487329_10203573888691000_3513315210220422907_n Absolutely knackered and headed home for a well deserved hot bath, hot meal and a beer or three – luxuries normally denied to the recipients of the rucksacks!10858526_10203573957052709_8311504776846596037_n


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