The Necks, 12th April 2015


How to begin to describe The Necks ? Hmm, Piano, Bass and Drums/Percussion. They came out and improvised for an hour. The drummer playing a tattoo on the rim of the snare for something approaching ten minutes while his colleagues meditated at their instruments in silence. One of these things, similar to Terry Riley’s ‘In C’ where you, very quickly, have absolutely no idea how long you’ve been listening to something. Playing in almost darkness, it allowed the listener to focus upon the subtle interplays between the three of them.


The stage set up was somewhat peculiar with drummer and pianist both facing stage left. This means that, rather than eye to eye contact, the drummer actually looks at the back of the pianist’s head while he in turn, the pianist, looks into the wings.

It was a full  ¾ hour before the drummer hit a drum that wasn’t the snare.

This was wonderful uplifting stuff indeed.

They stopped, had an interval and then more of the same, but as you might imagine it wasn’t.

Absolutely lovely wee venue with cafe/bar tealights on the table. Somewhere up there Frankie Vaughan is smiling 🙂


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