Maelstrom on Hill Street

Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s finest moment in Architecture sits, forlornly right across the street, roofless. By the end of tonight’s ‘This Town Ain’t Big  Enough For the Both Of Us’, I feared our own venue may end up in a similar condition, such was the roar of appreciation, from this sell-out Glasgow crowd gathered in The Art School, for the stage debut of F.F.S.!
Both bands would normally command larger venues, so the exclusivity of this small venue made tonight one of the hottest tickets (and shows) I can recall!  

During the opening number, having entered to the theme tune of Blake’s 7, it was clear that Alex and Russell were having a whale of a time. However, with their high kicking and ‘arms aloft’ kung fu posturing, I couldn’t help thinking that they reminded me, in their stage manner, of Reeves and Mortimer.
The sound was superb and uncluttered throughout. Playing all of their new album, plus three songs each from their own repertoires, this performance was quite flawless.
I had a whale of a time (or should that be British Whale?) !


 “Police Encounters”
“Johnny Delusional”
“Man Without A Tan”
“Do You Want To”
“Things I Won’t Get”
“Collaborations Don’t Work”
“Save Me From Myself”
“This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us”
“Little Guy From The Suburbs”
“Take Me Out”
“Dictator’s Son”
“Power Couple”
“When Do I Get To Sing ‘My Way’”
“Call Girl”
“Piss Off”
“So Desu Ne”
“The Number One Song In Heaven”


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