Under The Bridge!

Reflections on last Friday, .
Had a long liquid lunch with old friend, stand-up comedian, Johnny Glasgow, meeting up after a five hour train journey Scotland/Chelsea.
Discovered I was booked into the same hotel as the band.
Pre-gig fish and chips.
‘Access All Areas’ wrist band, waiting at Under The Bridge front door, courtesy of Drumbo.
To the obvious consternation of his bodyguards, I compliment a passing Russian oligarch, Roman Abramovich, on the hi-tech set up installed in this, his, nightclub.
Get asked by a complete stranger “Are you really Rupert Cocking?”
Watch two blistering sets from The Magic Band and feel quite ’emotional’ at the ensuing slideshow.
Drink some of the band’s dressing room beer.

Blether to actor Paul Bradley, from Holby City, about how good a gig it was and compliment him on his own impressive performance answering questions, about Beefheart, on Celebrity Mastermind.

elliot hope
Enjoy an all too short blether with lensmaster Jan Podsiadly.
Meet ‘Singing Through You’ DVD filmmaker Elaine Shepherd.
Get a ‘team photo’ with the band, me and yon man with the seemingly infinite stamina and bottomless wallet, Clint Walker.

TMB with Rupert and Clint-1
Back to my hotel room and a patiently waiting bag full of ‘Fallen Chew Chew’ – Salted Caramel Milk Stout (6%), that I was unable to take into the dressing room.
All of the above happening, as the song goes, “with m’baby by m’side”.

Then to sleep……….

Y’know to be perfectly honest, I’ve had a lot worse days.
Thanks to all involved!

He was good but not as good as me!


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