Under The Bridge (Again)


Way way back in 1969, little did I suspect, when I bought Trout Mask Replica (as a pre-release import) with my best girl on my arm, that some forty seven years later, the drummer on that wonderful record would serenade the very same wummin (kissing her in mid-song), in a subterranean Chelsea night club owned by a Russian oligarch.

You couldn’t really make that up, could you?
Here we see Drumbo sound-checking and singing a stonking Bat Chain Puller, while Lesley levitates and feigns disinterest, wondering when we’re all going out to eat!
Couple of hours, some Cajun Salmon and a good natter later it was suddenly showtime………….

I’m not really a big fan of taking photos during a show (subscribing to the Fripp School of thought that if you’re concentrating on shooting snaps then you’re not paying the music the correct respect) and as a result, generally don’t. However always aware that the current MB gig might be my last – on this occasion, during Set #2 and cognizant that Jan Podsiadly was already at the front of stage, I moved around and took shots from deeper in the room.
For a first attempt, I’m quite content. Not quite sure I’d do it again, though.
13725048_10207294972275764_2965611879781369977_o 13724007_10207308363890546_8877802208316321740_o 13691135_10207308361330482_1203406121425213935_o 13767325_10207294834632323_5538808049751231315_o

Post gig cuddle and blether with lensman Jan.



and playing with some new software……………………………


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