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Echo and The Bunnymen, GRCH, 28th September, Act #45

It started off so well, too. Pre-theatre in Guys, Merchant City and up to the Concert Hall with The Designated Driver. Quick Guinness and ordered the Interval Refreshments before moving into the hall.

A String Sextet, all young females, play a selection of ‘pop’ tunes Craig Armstrong, Beatles, Joy Division & Paulo Nutini things. The sound is a little brittle and I struggle to hear the cellos. There’s an o/h microphone but I’m unclear if that’s the extent of the amplification or not.

Interval drinks and return to a fog filled room.

The girls are back, joined by a six strong Bunnymen crew.

First song sounds pretty ropey

Will Sergeant’s solos always sound to me as if he’s playing along with Marquee Moon. The band are all suited and booted and look the part. All apart from McCulloch who’s decided to dress as Liam Gallagher meets Ian Brown. He’s pissed, breaks down repeatedly, stumbles. It’s horrible.

It wasn’t just me either