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The Beat Poets,Brel, 29th June, Act#36

The Beat Poets,Brel, 29th June, Act#36

Lured in by the blurb in the Jazzfest advertisement Their own tunes sometimes come spiced with idiosyncratic covers of Monk and Beefheart. – well you would be wouldn’t you? This was a curious one.

The soundcheck sounded great while we were being served by Champion Condescending Barman (West of Scotland Division) in the bar (tonight we were Shields and I and The Professor, Womanly Arms and Jazz Alan, the three of whom had just been to see BrassJaw) however during the gig itself, for such a sizeable line up, they were nothing to write home about, so I won’t!.
A disappointing ‘hobby band’ who, yes, actually played Blue Monk but no Van Vliet.