Gary Lucas @ The Tunnels

Thought he was bit sniffy towards Beefheart. He’d played there already in April, then came out Friday night and said ‘I got a bit of stick for not playing any Beefheart last time, so let’s get all that out out the way’

A dazzling Sure N’uff followed and that was it Don-wise. Highlight apart from that was Lydia the Tattooed Lady . He played the first track off that Chinese album a request from what he advised is his biggest seller.

His guitar was the one you describe below. I’m puzzled by the economics of such events, there were no more than seventy of us paying only a fiver a skull – that wouldn’t even cover his two night stay in costly ol’ A’deen.
The Tunnels

Spoke to him afterwards and he said that The Magic Band realised their second tour had come around too soon after the first, hence the poor crowds. Plan is to leave it for 2/3 years the come around doing a very final farewell thing (I’ll weep buckets!)


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