A Grand Day Out!


 Pick Nid up at the Airport and head home. Quick unpack, debrief and a train to High Street. Babbity Bowster’s for a quick one, Cafe Mao had closed so to Pancho Villa for a couple of Dos Equis and a robust portion of Pollo en Mole. Shields went off for some shopping while we went to Merchant’s Corner – one of the few pubs where you still feel like a youngster.
Being dressed entirely free of crimplene and polyester, we were, rightly, treated with suspicion, if not disdain.
Off then for a whirlwind tour of GOMA, admiring the symmetry of the Duke of Wellington’s headwear, along the way.Liaise with Shields and go to The Lab for a Guinness. It’s stowed to the gunnels, too busy! A quick sortie around the corner to Republic and then on to the Drum and Monkey . Went to McSorley’s and saw the worst blues/rock band for years. The singer clearly modelled upon Freddie Starr’s Mick Jagger. The Scotia was our longest stop of the day, but too late for the afternoon session and far too early for the evening. The IPA however was quite sublime and the selection of music playing over the sound system  was close to perfect.

Taxi to Mussel Inn who were full and told us to come back in 3/4 of an hour so we crossed the road to The Cask and Still and killed some time (and brain cells) there. Table at the Mussel Inn saw us sated and then off to  The Vale before catching the last train homewards. A fine, albeit unplanned day!


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