Loudon Wainwright III, GRCH, 6th May Acts 29 & 30

Shields and me are joined for pre-gig cocktails in The Station Bar with Ronaldo & Lillibet and The Professor and The Womanly Armed One.Great wee boozer but stowed doesn’t begin to describe it!

Lucy Wainwright Roche would never have got this gig, or the polite reception, had she not been a sibling and one of the (in)famous Wainwright posse. Basically, she was shite and waffled on interminably both during and between songs.Worst still, mid set she wheeled on ‘ladeez ‘n’ gents a very, very good friend of mine, Eddie Reader’ who I assume must live Phantom-of The Opera-like in the bowels of this hall. (Everytime BBC Scotland transmit a show from here she seems to materialise giving us all her ‘Rabbie’). Tonight, I’m assuming by the way she’s dressed that she’s actually  ‘chanelling’ The Judder Man.


The set improves, marginally, when Eddie exits stage right.Then greatly, when Lucy follows suit.

I’ve been trundling along to see LW3 for decades and can remember when he was popular enough to fill the mighty Glasgow Apollo. While there was nothing wrong with tonight’s show, I don’t think ‘Mr W’ will be seeing any of my future earnings.Nothing new really, a few songs about erectile disfunction and medication but nothing that ‘grabbed me’!

Oddly with age, Loudon’s legs seem to have shrunk. Thought it was just me but mentioned it to someone in the office and they agreed.


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