battles, The Arches, 7th June, Acts 31 & 32

After a quick meet with Spanner, in McSorley’s, we repair to The Arches and encounter the support band from Baltimore ’Thank You’ billed as experimental. As someone who views the Freak Zone as easy listening, I consider myself an aficionado of experimental music and these guys are just unimpressive balloons.

A huge area of the bar is corralled off, with bouncers asking for ID before the younger punters can approach the counter. Spanner and I are not troubled with this interrogation!

Battles have recently been reduced to a trio and with this in mind plus the efforts of the inauspicious support act, I was now apprehensive to say the least. This didn’t last long at all. A far more muscular sound than on record and with a bottom end that Wobble would be proud of. All of that and what appeared to be the world’s tallest cymbal!

A seamless, no stopping, forty five minutes with guest singers appearing on large screens at either side of the stage.


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